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SALE We are not making any more of the Growler flasks, so we are reducing our prices to clear the stock for Christmas, we have limited stocks so please do not miss out. The special offer prices will last as long as the stock does.

Orders over £100.00 will get a FREE cup set, worth £85.00

The "Growler Flask", which you may know is a name given to a vessel that carries ale, since it is clearly not a "hip" flask. This is ideal for any occasion and for any purpose, uses include: all alcoholic drinks, people have also used them for; Prizes, Door stops, Ornamental, Lamps or vases.

The Growler can be used for most drinks……………Sloe Gin, Whiskey etc…

We do not recommend putting carbonated drinks in the Growler, and although people say they will, it is not suitable as a spare fuel tank. Please rinse the flask out with water before use.

Cleaning instructions: Treat this item as you would silver, clean with a soft cloth and an approved silver polish.

Important Dates to Remember

14th Feb Valentines day   16th Apr Easter Sunday
1st March St. Davids Day   23rd Apr St. Georges day
17th Mar St. Patricks day   17th Jun Fathers day
18th Mar Mothers day   25th Dec Christmas day
14th Apr Good Friday      


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